Things you will regret buying if you live in an apartment

So this is something I feel it is my duty to share with anyone I know, as an impulse buyer, married to another impulse buyer, we end up with a lot of purchases that we should not have bought at all.

It could be pocket draining, or inexpensive yet space consuming, with no added value to your household.

No matter what it is, you will feel guilty when you have to throw it away because it’s just plain useless.

Things in this short list could be of benefit as entertainment if you have kids, but as adults only home, trust me you do not need them.

1- Foosball table:

Photo by MusicFox Fx on Unsplash

Yes it may have been a cherished part of Joey and Chandler’s apartment and you could be a Friends fan who loves anything remotely relevant to the show, like my self. But the Foosball table is a bad idea, trust me, you will not play it, your friends will not play it, it will take up valuable space especially if you live in a 1,2,3 bedroom apartment and not a big country mansion with so many rooms to spare.

You will find it hard to sell it and you will regret the money spent and will tolerate it for some time before admitting it should go.

Just don’t buy it.

2- Darts board:

Ok, we wanted to feel cool enough to have a bar ambiance in our home.

We thought we were cool enough to grab a chilled beer from the fridge and enjoy playing darts like we enjoy it in occasional gatherings.

Guess what, we are not cool enough, we will not drink beer and play darts when we come home tired after work.

And when we want to enjoy the bar ambiance, we have to go to the bar.

This much regretted purchase may not take up space but it will ruin your wall. Apparently not all darts land on the board in the first try and they do have needle heads to penetrate the board, these needles will trash your wall paint or paper or wood or whatever kind of wall you have so bad that you will have to replace it.

Our Darts’ Board on the wall we now have to repaint

It might be fine in an old attic that is made to be a game room but not, I repeat, not good for apartments and nice homes.

3- Expensive Cat house:

Nothing could seem too expensive for our beloved “Zeus”, we adore him obviously and would gladly spend any amount of money on his well being.

That being said, it’s clear now that his well being is not affected by the presence of a fancy furry looking house that he can barely fit in after turning one year old.

His pretty expensive house sits neglected, because he prefers to sleep on the couch, the sofa, the narrow hand of the sofa that he barely balances him self on, the kitchen counter or any delivery card box, than to come near his fancy house that lays right there between the space consumed by the Foosball table and the wall tarnished by darts’ holes. πŸ‘

4- Never gonna be used kitchen appliances:

Photo by DDP on Unsplash

So I see an amazing video on Facebook or YouTube where an incredibly gifted baker is smearing cream on a beautiful cake ✨ what do I do?

I buy those sleek spatulas and whatever she/he/they are using because that’s the only thing I lack to create the same cake. πŸ€₯

Guess what I find out every single time, tools are not what’s missing, it’s talent and practice and experience and patience. Those are the tools they have to create amazing recipes, the spreading spatulas will just take up a drawer in my already crowded kitchen and will go unused for 20 years until maybe I have a gifted kid that can properly utilize them. That goes for A LOT of cooking tools you guys and that is A LOT of money.

5- Big loud Speakers:

Photo by rdsbeats oussama on Unsplash

This is a tricky one, because although it’s nice to have a good sound system for a good movie watching experience, especially for someone who watches films everyday like my self, how ever, see those gigantic pulsating speakers that “turn down the walls” or how ever it’s said, yea you don’t need those, you can’t use them to full capacity anyway unless you live in a village where the nearest neighbor house to yours is like a mile away.

They are big, they are very expensive, and they will not be used enough to get a fair value for what you paid for them, we have neighbors, pets and 9-5 jobs and small apartments, we do not need huge speakers in our home.

These are the newest items I have bought and regretted, I hope this was helpful so you don’t have to repeat my mistakes, thank you for getting this far and you can follow this blog for much more information about bad experiences you can avoid 😁

Published by Haya Sharani

An employee, entrepreneur, wife, friend, cat-mom, and very interested in mental health and psychology tactics.

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